I am optimistic at heart, and deeply believe in kindness and tolerance.

For the past few years, I've been working at for Graphika, which I co-founded. We make tools for identifying emergent communities of interest and their influencers in social media.

I enjoy a wide range of kinds of technical work, and I usually think of this role as "Full Stack Architect". I am interested in doing some development on a team, but I usually pick out some tricky / core parts and do those, while assisting with any problems that may come up in the rest of development. In addition to architecture, systems design, and performance analysis, I can work in a number of (computer) languages, I'm comfortable picking up new environments, and I have strong skills in general CMS, workflow, process, data modeling, caching, performance analysis and optmization, project management, security practices, and usability. I'm a solid mostly-Linux-but-sometimes-other-flavors-of-unix sysadmin and network architect. I have done recent work in security, devops engineering, api design and implementation, data modeling and implementation, and usability.

Some areas of focus have been Ruby on Rails/Sinatra, MongoDB, MySQL, AWS/EC2, terraform, ansible, and high performance web application scaling in general. I'm not terribly interested in using a Microsoft development environment.

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I like to be challenged intellectually, I am an avid and creative problem solver, and I can help you. My experience has been largely technical, but I'm more than willing to consider other endeavors.
I find interesting links relating to technology, politics, cooking, art, and photography, and sometimes I comment on them. Most recently, I've been writing at:





@fields@hachyderm.io (mastodon)

There is still a bunch of older archived content at

Adam Fields (Weblog)


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I love to cook. I am a big advocate of local food and I hit the farmer's markets a few times a week. I try to bake at least every two weeks. I always make extra so I can give it away. People are often very surprised by random homemade baked goods, and always pleasantly.

Most of my good food writing is compiled at:

Counter Kitchen

I have a moderately frequently updated blog on which I post mostly photographs of my cooking projects:

Unselling Convenience

I shoot a lot of pictures, some of which can be found on my Flickr page. For 2013, I successfully completed a picture a day. I took a break, but did it again in 2015.

Other things of note: my older hedge.net stuff (weird and eclectic) or someoftheanswers.com (mostly rants), or my defunct livejournal blog.

If you're a sculptor, you might want to check out The Compleat Sculptor.

Homonyms (Not Me)

Music: adamfieldsmusic.com
Film Production: IMDB entry (no personal site in evidence)
Stand-up Comedy in Amsterdam: adamfields.net